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Here you can find our general terms and conditions


The rules serve above all the safety of the people playing as well as the preservation of the play equipment, the relaxed coexistence and the relief of the operator and his employees. By entering Maxiland, the rules are accepted. We ask you to read and observe these rules and to instruct and instruct your children accordingly. The instructions of the operator and his employees must be followed. With the purchase of the admission ticket or entering the Maxiland you accept the general terms and conditions and the rules of use of the Maxiland.

1. general

1.1 The currently valid prices and opening hours can be found on the notice board at the ticket office or in our information sheets as well as on our homepage. An additional fee may be charged for additional offers.
1.2 The closing times of the ticket office and the instructions of our staff regarding the end of the operation are to be observed. Admission proceeds will not be refunded.
1.3 Customer data received by the operator (e.g. through birthday registrations),
will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act, i.e. it will be used purely
internally without being passed on to third parties.
1.4 Photography and filming is allowed in our hall. Strangers may
only be photographed with their consent. For commercial purposes
and for the press, photography requires prior permission
from the operator.
1.5 The use of wardrobe and storage lockers is at your own risk. The contents of the lockers and storage compartments will be removed overnight. The operator is not liable for lost objects and clothing, even from closed lockers. Lost property will be kept at the ticket office (1 week) and can be collected there.
1.6 The use of parking spaces and bicycle parking is also at your own risk. The operator is neither required to guard parking lots nor to maintain their surfaces and other facilities in order to protect vehicles from damage (e.g. broken glass, nails or similar). In case of loss of objects or things no liability is assumed.

2. video surveillance

2.1 We expressly point out that the entire gaming and catering area is under video surveillance. The recordings can be used for documentation and evidence purposes.
2.2 Unauthorized entry or theft will be reported and we charge
a processing fee of € 100.

3. duty of supervision

3.1 The operator does not assume any duty of supervision or care of the children. This lies exclusively with the adult supervisor(s) and also in the case of the transfer of care to a childminder .For closed groups (nursery groups, school classes, club,
birthday parties . etc.) the respective supervisor is responsible for the observance and compliance with the general terms and conditions and the rules of use.
3.2 Children under 7 years of age may visit the hall only if accompanied by a supervising adult. Children from 7 years of age may visit the hall without the accompaniment of a
adult upon presentation
of a disclaimer signed by a supervising
adult. (Liability exclusion declaration must always be present)
3.3 We draw the attention of the supervising adults to the fact. to actually exercise their duty of care. Is facility operator and its employees are not liable for accidents or personal injury. Parents are liable for their children.

4.accident report

4.1 In case of sudden illness of a child or an accident, the team is entitled to first call the emergency doctor and then inform the supervisor.
4.2 In principle, any accident or injury to a person in the playground must be reported immediately and on the same day to the operator or its staff and a corresponding protocol must be drawn up. Subsequent notification of accidents or injuries is excluded and their claims are generally rejected.

5. clothing

5.1 For reasons of hygiene and safety, the wearing of (stopper) socks
or gym slippers is obligatory. Walking barefoot is not permitted. (Socks can be purchased inexpensively at the cash desk if required)
5.2 The wearing of body jewelry, earrings, watches, hair clips and clips is not permitted during play on the playground equipment as a matter of principle
5.3 Comfortable clothing is recommended (sportswear).

6. use of the playground equipment

6.1 Playing together requires increased consideration for other
visitors, especially smaller children.
6.2 The notices, limitations, rules
and prohibitions attached to the playground equipment must be observed. Use is also permitted for adults weighing up to 90 kg, depending on the shodness
of the equipment.
6.3 Climbing on the walls, nets and surrounds is not permitted.
6.4 The trampolines may only be used by one person per jump.
Saltos, somersaults and jumping from field to field are not permitted. (risk of injury is too high)
6.5 The e-karts may be occupied by a maximum of two children or one adult
and one small child.
6.6 Running on the track, using the e-karts as pit cars and
pushing the e-karts while the engine is running is strictly prohibited. Driving
is only permitted in a clockwise direction.
6.6 The toddler area is intended for crawling and small children. Disruptive
children over 4 years of age may be removed from the area by the operator or its employees
6.7 Utensils for the soccer field, table tennis, air field hockey can be borrowed
against a deposit and must be returned
before leaving the hall. In case of loss or damage,
must be replaced if necessary.
6.8 No own toys may be used in the entire playing area. Above all, it is strictly forbidden to take hard, loose or pointed objects into the play area (this also applies to birthday presents, for example).

7. food and drinks / smoking

7.1 Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed. (Exception - a birthday cake for birthday child may be brought)
7.2 Food and drink please only in the catering area. Bringing them into the
play area is strictly prohibited.
7.3 We reserve the right to charge the causer for any increased cleaning effort caused by disregarding the rules.
7.4 Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor area. (is signposted)

8. behavior / damage

8.1 If visitors cause damage to
or other guests when using all the facilities of the hall, such as the
play and sports equipment, jumping facilities, slides or sanitary facilities
through their own carelessness or intentionally, they are liable for it. We would like
to ask you to report these cases to us, so that we can involve the liability insurance of the causer, if necessary.
8.2 Bad behavior, heavily intoxicated persons, reckless behavior or a violation of our rules, will not be tolerated. The operator and its employees are expressly permitted in such a case to warn these persons and in the case of repetition either to issue a temporary ban on playing or in particularly serious cases, to issue a permanent house ban
. In such a case, the admission fee will not be refunded.
8.3 No liability is accepted for damage to clothing caused by the use of the play equipment
or the loss of items within Maxiland

9. capacity limit / access restriction / checkroom

9.1 In order to ensure the safety of users in the best possible way, maximum number of visitors has been set. If this is exceeded, the operator or the responsible personnel can restrict the access of further visitors. Waiting times must then be expected. General operation or parts of the facility may be temporarily restricted. Claims against the operator arising from these restrictions are excluded.
9.2 We reserve the right to deny access to persons:
- if their admission to the hall is questionably recognizable e.g. heavily intoxicated or appearing under the influence of intoxicants / drugs
- if adults are unaccompanied by children
- if a house ban has already been issued
- if they have contagious diseases or open wounds.
9.3 The use of the checkroom and safe deposit boxes is at your own
risk. The operator
accepts no liability for lost objects and clothing, even from
closed containers or in the parking lot. In case of loss of the locker key, an amount of 20,- EUR will be charged for the replacement.

10. video surveillance

10.1 Maxiland is monitored by video cameras to increase security.
By entering the hall, each person agrees to the camera surveillance.

Severability clause

Should any provision of this contract be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties undertake to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the invalid provision.

Status: Maxiland Indoor Playpark,64347 Griesheim, April 2017

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